The little curly-haired-girl that could (or is definitely still going for it) 😉

-A Dynamic Bio-

Let’s see now… a human being born in Puerto Rico alongside a shy yet stern, talented and wonderful human being but often sad mom who always did everything she could to care for her; an impossibly creative, hyper, resourceful dad who spoke too loud but was always reliable and filled with inspiration; a sibling who’s brilliant and fun and whom she adored; and an Abuelita who left as her gift –through example in actions and words– the meaning of tenderness, unconditional love and empathy toward other human beings.

This weird and quirky little girl grew up in the town of Vega Alta in barrio Bajura, a place she holds dear in her heart and never forgets; the origin of who she is. No matter where she goes, the beautiful people she met there, the kids who played with her, the houses she knew by heart, the adventures, the passion fruit, the cars on fire, the pet monkeys, the excursions to the movie theater, the smell of the soil after the rain, the sound of the drops when they landed on the zinc roof, the giant moon, they are all with her, filling her up with magic all over again.

This little girl LOVES –ADORES– to learn, to discover and to explore everything around her, as though her brain were physically expanding every time she delves into something new that she did not know before. It is a sensation of pure bliss.

Literature (Poetry, Short Stories, Essays) and Science (Medicine, Astronomy) —what a terribly weird mix, some say. But they are so right for each other, they are the perfect pair, they make beauty together. And they have brought her much joy and satisfaction, professionally, intellectually and spiritually.

This little girl feels very proud of, and celebrates, being a Woman. She stands, like all women do, formidably tall in the shoulders of all of those brave, valiant, brilliant women who have taken care of their own dreams and never stopped until they fulfilled their aspirations, what they know they will become because they can feel it in their bones, in every cell of their bodies. They already ARE. They know it.

She is very smart, yet she understands that she doesn’t know everything (there is always a lot to learn, a lot to explore) so when she doesn’t know something, she asks. Always. Explorers never fail to question, to ask. It’s how they move forward.

She knows her value as a human being, she has learned, through experiences and hardship, to be compassionate toward herself, and she respects herself as much as she respects others, and nature.

She is happiest when she is reading a book, writing, composing a poem, studying, hugging a tree, working, helping a person, explaining science (or something she’s read recently that has been intellectually exciting) to somebody who is interested in listening, walking in nature, interrogating the universe and/or interrogating the universe with someone who is equally curious about the world, reading bedtime stories to her funny tiny human creatures, studying about other cultures, creating something new, smelling the flowers, reading under the canopy of a tree or all of the above.

Things that she cares deeply about: learning (did I say that already?), and kindness (however small an act of kindness is, it never fails to renew her faith in humanity’s potential –this is her greatest strength.

She believes that human beings, wherever they are from, whatever their religious beliefs might be, and especially whatever the color of their skin, are Equal and deserve equal freedom, respect and dignity –not only from other fellow human beings but also from our social and political institutions (which always reflect all those unsaid, seldom revised conventions that directly impact the wellbeing and health of our communities, and thus, unequivocally, say a lot about the underlying values of our society, and perhaps even our future).

This is a photo of her when she was four or five years-old. A curly-haired creature in all its natural splendor.

Nobody needs to go back in time to tell her that everything is going to be just fine because that little girl KNOWS it will. She knows that, no matter what, it ALWAYS is. One way or another. Your perspective is everything,

Sometimes, I feel like hugging her, like asking her questions just to hear what she comes up with from her perspective of the world. What with her red-and-white little checkered bib, her nail-bitting inconspicuous sassiness, and her Spider-man “bigüil” (that’s Big Wheel in Puerto Rican), she reminds me of that continuity of magic.

By the way: To all those former little girls and little boys: No matter where you’re from or how old you are, go back, even if just a little bit, or just for a little while, to those bigüil versions of yourselves— interrogate them, listen to them, they never fail to bring some magic back into the world and help you put your feet back on the nice, cool skin of the earth, and your brain back to Fantasia. Oh, yes. You probably guessed it by now, Dear reader: she does have faith in the kindness of humanity, a bit á la Walt Whitman in Song of the Open Road [that level –well, many times, anyway].

Books? Ah yes, here they are: La última caricia and El libro azul (or here, El libro azul versión impresa).

A formal version of this (and More! That is a promise) can be found here: A Narrative CV.

Puerto Rican writer Iris Mónica Vargas. (2020)

5 thoughts on “Iris MONICA Vargas

  1. Tu es una merveilla de poeta y de constructora de historias umanas y de estudios del cosmo..
    Es como si tu fueres los ojos del cosmo mismo.
    Tu alma es como una una silva de Costarica, hermosa en el dia y terrible en la noche.
    Quantos dias de vida, poderia regalar al tiempo, para conocerte ????
    Tu es aun asi hermosa que yo poderia regresar en USA que no quiero nada, para hacer el borracho latino americano, adjudado para tu ospital !!!!
    Tu es la poesia vivente de esto lampo que es la vida

    paolo, de Piemonte en Italia, viajator, estudioso de paysajes, poeta privato perdido, que habla y escribe demasiado mal en angles, castillano, frances, allemano, etc,etc
    p.s. : si tu te lleghes en Europa o Italia, yo te espero en amistad y silencio de poetas perdidos, tiengo mas de 60 anos pero el mejor yo lo voy poner en los 90 !!!!


  2. me olvidè, I forgot; yo he veido par acaso, tu perfil, llegando saludos a una querida amiga de Perù que se llama aun IRIS !!!

    siempre admirador de tu poesias y escriptos

    paolo de bernardi



  3. Talento natural, inteligencia poco común, y mucha amabilidad caracterizan este mente boricua. Se une la empatía con , la simplesa de lo complicado, para llevar eneregía a sus palabras…. Los que la conocen, son muy dichosos, y agraciados por su presencia. Los que pertenecen a su historia han vivido en un mundo privilegiado. Solo hay una Mónica, y el mundo seria mas divertido, si lo vieramos usando sus Ojos… Una obra maestra…


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