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Opposites attract –hut they may not stay together,” Harvard Science, September 2009

Chu argues US to anticipate its energy Future,” Harvard Science, August 2009

New steps forward in cell reprogramming,” Harvard Science, August 2009

Economy shaping health care reform effort,” Harvard Science, August 2009

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Human cardiac master stem cells identified,” Harvard Science, & Medical Press, July 2009

Safer stem cells for therapy,” Harvard Science, June 2009

A urine test for appendicitis?” Harvard Science, June 2009

Quantum entanglement can be too much of a good thing,” Science News, March 2009

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A brain paradox,” Scope, MIT, 2008

Thanks for the (long-lasting) memories,” Scope, MIT, 2008

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(http://www.zonai.com/noticia_mainm.asp )

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